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About Mahamaya Calcination

A well- qualified, experienced and dedicated team of professionals forms a formidable bastion at Aluminum Keepfresh Foil And Containers to ensure total satisfaction obits valuable customers. All operations are constantly monitored and managed by this finely honed group, which ensure that the company retains and excels further in building up its reputation as internationally acknowledged aluminium foils manufacturer

Keepfresh Aluminium Foil And Containers is rightly proud of its know – how perfected over along period of time of prem group who braving the extreams of weather, set foot on the land of Chhattisgarh, to established a small unit for the manufacture aluminium of its deep rooted family bonds.



Mahamaya Calcination is fully committed to quality. Our overriding objective is to put the customer first in every aspect of our organisation. By constantly reviewing and updating of our processes, we endeavour to offer products and services anywhere in the world that meet the highest international standards of quality and reliability and satisfy customer’s requirements and expectations.

Our complete business focus on quality is based on the belief that we can only provide continuous satisfaction of our customer’s needs through effective operational systems implemented in a consistent manner reflecting the needs of both the customer and the business to realise this, it is the policy of the Management Team to ensure continuous improvement in all aspects of the organisation.

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Aluminum Keepfresh Aluminium Foil And Containers preserves warmth and moistness, keeping your food fresh and aromatic, long after you have packed it.


When we say your roll is 9m long, it will be 9m long. We also offer exciting deals where you get extra foil for free – giving you more than all others.


Aluminum Keepfresh Aluminium Foil And Containers comes with a guaranteed thickness of 11 microns and above, ensuring that your food remains full of flavour and free of bacteria.

Who We Are

We take pride in the fact that numerous consumers pan India and across the globe put trust in our products to pack their food. At Aluminum Keepfresh Aluminium Foil And Containers, we are fully committed to the safety and hygiene of our consumers and ensure that all our products maintain the “Keepfresh Aluminium Foil And Containers standards” which include highest quality products with food grading, bacteria resistance and delivery as per mentioned specifications.

Our Mission

To make Aluminum Keepfresh Aluminium Foil And Containers synonymous with freshness and hygiene by providing products of the highest quality to every corner of the globe.